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How to turn employee benefits into a business strategy

Posted by: ADP on 1 August 2016 in Benefits

There’s a little known fact about employee benefits. It’s one that the most successful companies are exploiting to the full: the more employees value their benefits, the more engaged they are in their work. And the more committed they are to an employer too.

Don’t believe it? Research by MetLife backs this up: “If an employer increases an employee’s perceived value of benefits by 1 point on [a] 5 point scale, it increases the employer’s sense of engagement to the employee by 12%.” 1

So the benefits don’t even have to be improved, but merely ‘perceived’ to be better. Astonishing, isn’t it? And a big part of the reason is that empowering employees to manage their own benefits solutions leads to happier employees. Who’d have thought that after years of building complicated and costly HR and Rewards teams and systems, that in fact employees would be happier just doing it themselves or having the choice.  

Benefits are reflecting big changes in working practices towards individual responsibility, which is expected to translate in a huge rise in home technology (laptops, tablets) offered through the workplace. According to a REBA survey, reward and benefits managers predict a 42% increase in home technology offerings appearing in employee benefits packages in 2016. The provision of financial education and advice is also rising, with a 28.6% rise in employers planning to introduce it in 2016 compared to 2015.2

To offer benefits that appeal to all members of the workforce is through flexible benefits packages. If you offer a broad range of choices that can be mixed-and-matched, and changed a different life stages, then there is truly something for everyone. Flexible benefits also improve the image of an organisation, and help out HR teams with recruitment and retention.

How can you do this within your business? You need to ditch all the internal systems and software, and combine it all into one centralised benefits solution, supported by experts. By outsourcing pay and benefits you can streamline your employee eligibility, benefits calculation, employee communication, and workflow management into one easy to use tool. You can even access it on your mobile devices.

This not only makes for happier employees, but also frees up HR and IT teams from the burden of complex administration. When employees take control of their benefits they are actually doing the boring admin work for you, and at the same time feeling empowered to directly engage with their benefits in their own time, using the same technology that they have at home. While offering choice and control send the message to employees that the company listens to them and recognises their needs.

The path to success is a relatively easy one to take. Outsourcing with an expert partner allows your business to bundle everything into a centralised digital environment that’s safe and secure, giving you access to global and local 24/7 support. Cloud-based consolidation is the industry standard for HR administration now. It offers consistent user interfaces, well-protected data, reliable auditing and reporting – all delivered through a single solution and a point of contact.

Benefits can transform from an HR and admin headache, into a major recruitment, engagement and employer brand strategy. Learn how to do it right here.


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