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Practical guide for choosing a multi-country payroll solution

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A sustainable global workforce strategy is the cornerstone for companies to adapt to the modern global business environment, whether you’re gearing up for international growth or preoccupied with protecting your existing market share.

Yet, without consistent, complete, and most importantly trusted data to analyze, companies struggle to identify the actions that will generate better strategic business decisions for future growth. That is why more and more companies are now turning to global payroll and HR solutions to streamline and optimize their workforce management.  

When you research outsourced solutions to meet your payroll and HR service requirements, are you aware of the different aspects that you need to evaluate? Luckily, we’ve already done the job for you!

In ADP’s recent paper of Choosing a Multi-Country Payroll Solution: Your Guide to Going and Growing Global, we’re broken down the three building blocks to realize a global people strategy and suggested aspects of each that you might like to consider in your search for a new global payroll solution.


The effort it takes to remain compliant with local regulations, labor laws, certification requirements, financial disclosure laws, and IT security and privacy rules can feel like a never-ending ordeal. Get compliance wrong, however, and the perils and penalties can be severe.

As you strive to mitigate your compliance risk, here are some probing questions to ask:

  • Does your outsourced solution offer a contracted guarantee that the services will be designed to be compliant in each country that you are (or will be) performing a payroll and HR function?
  • Does your partner minimize the amount of time you spend thinking about or dealing with compliance issues?
  • Does the platform offer reporting and other tools to help you easily prove regulatory compliance to an auditor?

Workforce Visibility

Without a complete picture of your global employees, it will always be a struggle to achieve effective talent management or create an agile workforce capable of adapting quickly to changing business conditions. In other words, you need to know their professional attributes – who they are, where they are, and the various cost associated with managing them.

Consider these questions about improving workforce visibility when evaluating global payroll and HR solution options:

  • Does the solution fill you with confidence that you will get the same accurate information about employees regardless of where the employee resides, or who’s generating the report?
  • Will it offer stakeholders the ability to search, report on, and analyze employee information to answer their own questions?
  • Will it let you attack talent management challenges in a holistic, effective way?

Operational Effectiveness

The pressure on HR departments has only been growing over recent years, with HR expected to take on a much more strategic role in their organizations’ growth and success. Yet many departments are still hindered by disjointed payroll platforms and multiple HR systems that limit their ability to operate at full capacity.

We suggest you think about the following aspects of operational effectiveness when comparing payroll and HR solutions:

  • Does the solution leverage the experience of your peers on how to communicate effectively and manage a global HR transformation project?
  • Does the solution offer your employees access to a dedicated, global service organization that understands local languages, customs, and operate in local time zone?
  • Will the solution improve process administration and enhance the overall employee experience?

Besides the three aspects that need to be considered to realize a global people strategy, the paper also points out that gaining internal buy-in and secure funding is an important next step to bring the global payroll and HR solution onboard.

Read the full guide here and access a practical check list for multi-country payroll and HR solutions evaluation.

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