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Optimising your Mobile Recruiting Strategy

Posted by: ADP on 30 March 2016 in Innovation & Technology

The rapid adoption of mobile technologies has brought on a sea of change in how people interact on a global scale. Jobseekers are demanding increased mobile connectivity, and in a fierce race to find the right talent, companies must implement successful mobile recruiting initiatives to attract candidates into the applicant pool.

According to a recent study by Indeed®, 56% of job searches across major countries in EMEA are performed on mobile devices (1). As the use of mobile job search skyrockets across Europe, it is critical for organisations to understand the importance of harnessing mobile technologies to successfully reach their target candidate population. In order to remain relevant in the new, “always-connected” world, organisations must be open to innovation, embracing change and staying on the cutting-edge of mobile recruiting technology. Proactively utilising mobile recruiting platforms will enable companies to stay ahead of their competition and cater to candidates’ appetites for a streamlined mobile job search.

Cashing in on a Mobile Market

If your organisation is struggling to connect with candidates on the go, consider the following recommendations to optimise your mobile recruiting strategy:

  • Leverage state-of-the-art technology. To stay on the cusp of new trending technologies, companies must ensure that their recruiting tools are mobile enabled. It is essential for organisations to have a jobsite that is easily accessed and navigated on a mobile device.

 It is also critical to build features such as text job alerts, mobile status updates, talent community opt-in, and full application submittal functionality via mobile devices. With an ever increasing number of working professionals utilising smartphones over the traditional desktop computer, candidates have come to expect that companies cater all aspects of their online presence to their mobile demands.

  • Don’t limit your recruiting reach. The utilisation of all recruiting websites and mobile applications is also a facet of the recruiting process that enhances a company’s position within the talent acquisition landscape. LinkedIn® is no longer the only social media platform used by candidates looking for employment. Social media platforms such as Facebook®, Twitter®, and Xing® are used significantly by jobseekers, and allow integrations with other applications to help streamline the job search process. Currently within Europe, there are 387 million active social media accounts, with 74% of these being active mobile accounts (2). Employers that allow candidates to connect with their organisation through all available avenues will yield the highest percentages for landing perfect candidates, and will create a recruiting process that feels inviting for all mobile applicants.
  • Promote mobile connectivity with your associates. Companies can thrive within a world of mobile recruiting by creating a mobile-friendly culture within their recruiting department. Companies that optimise their entire recruiting process by integrating with mobile devices enable their recruiting staff to connect to candidates and colleagues in the same way candidates are connecting with the organisation.

This type of recruiting service ensures that candidates are experiencing the best care, and provides capabilities for the most efficient recruiting process. Recruiting teams with mobile capabilities are able to source candidates in any location and provide candidate support quickly and efficiently.

Getting Connected

Giving candidates the capability and simplicity of opening an application on their phone, creating a professional profile, and easily applying to roles creates a major advantage for organisations. Creating a completely mobile recruiting process will also increase productivity levels amongst recruiting staff, providing the capability of operating remotely with a mobile device. Compound this with effective utilisation of all available mobile recruiting tools, and companies are now able to create and reap the benefits of a highly efficient talent acquisition process.

As mobile technologies have expanded, mobile recruiting must also expand. Companies have evolved to meet consumer demands in which individuals consistently utilise their mobile devices in place of traditional technology. However, companies’ recruiting departments are only now catching up on the trend. It is necessary for corporate jobsites to be easily accessed through mobile devices, for recruiting staff to have full mobile capabilities, and for companies to access all current mobile recruiting methods. Organisations that invest in mobile recruiting strategies and technologies will find themselves among the leaders in the talent acquisition field.


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