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Multinational Corporations can give employees power over how they view their pay slip

Posted by: ADP on 8 July 2016 in Innovation & Technology

We’ve all experienced it:  That moment when you stand there scratching your head trying to figure out your pay slip details.  Fortunately, that moment is a thing of the past for employees of ADP® multinational clients, who now can see a personalised view of their pay check through a newly designed and upgraded ADP GlobalView® HCM (1) employee portal – called ADP myView portal.

The myView portal now offers a myPay feature that gives payroll and HR administrators and employees more intuitive, engaging and interactive features they can use to configure, explore and understand payroll details. 

HR executives from our MNC clients tell us that one of the most frequent inquiries they get comes from employees asking about the components of their pay slips.  They also point out that each user of enterprise HR portals and digital pay slips has different needs and preferences.  By combining a visually compelling user interface with feature-rich, self-service functionality, we’re using innovation to empower users and ease critical workforce management activities for global businesses.

In fact, the ADP® Innovation Lab has conducted extensive research into how employees interact with their pay slips.  The result of that research has informed these upgrades, which have been designed to illustrate how each pay element (wages, bonus, deductions, stock options, etc.) impacts an employee’s take-home pay.

Holger Mueller (2), principal analyst with Constellation Research, thinks we’re on the right path.

“Who doesn’t love dashboards?” he said.  “Dashboards help employees understand their paychecks better and give them a deeper understanding of how their work, its contribution to business success and their performance relate to their take-home pay.  This new understanding creates better alignment between an employee’s work and business results, ultimately leading to higher workforce engagement levels.

“Global businesses also expect visibility and configurability from a modern payroll system,” Mueller added.  “And a self-service, mobile platform goes beyond traditional functionality to provide employees and managers access to pay check information the way they prefer to use it.”

Let me tell you more about some of these upgrades.

The new, cloud-based myView portal has been designed with a mobile-first mind-set, and features tools that give users control over various HR and payroll activities directly from a smart phone.  Simplified navigation encourages workers to make use of self-service channels and allows administrators to fully control the portal’s language, messaging, and design.  Managers can use the new tools to configure useful links to news and information they want to distribute to their teams, as well as to change the design to align with company branding. 

By implementing a more intuitive, consumer-grade experience, HR and payroll managers may improve employee satisfaction and reduce the number of pay slip inquiries they receive, giving them more time to focus on strategic issues to help drive business success.












The new ADP myView portal page gives users control over HR and payroll activities by making use of self-service channels and delivering control over the portal’s language, messaging, and design.

The new ADP myPay feature gives employees a graphical view of their pay statement, including benefits and tax deductions, and employer contributions.  It delivers a personalised experience to employees based on how they prefer to view and consume their pay details.  The interactive application also delivers configurable alerts and notifications, contextual help, and the ability to compare and explore pay details in greater detail.

One unique feature of myPay is a bar chart that gives employees a snapshot of their pay so they can see how pay decisions and benefits elections have impacted their compensation over a specified time period.  This view can be tailored to show anywhere from a three-month view to a five-year view of pay details.  In my mind, this level of detail empowers workers to conduct their own personal pay analysis and helps inform their payroll decisions.








A bar chart in the myPay feature provides employees with a snap shot of their pay from three months to five years so they can see how pay decisions are impacting their compensation over time.

Another cool feature:  A pinwheel graphic, which shows how an employee’s pay is allocated among his or her deductions.  And buttons let the employee download a pay statement or obtain a year-to-date view of their pay.
















 myView portal provides administrators the ability to add contextual help along with  internal and external links to route employees to relevant web-based information.

Another option lets employees compare up to three different pay statements.

We included this feature because we know that every employee uses a payroll tool differently.  For example, salaried staff aren’t typically interested in scrutinising their pay slip every single pay period.  They simply want to know if their income has changed since the last pay period and, if so, why.  If they’re expecting a bonus or some other significant change, they will actively search their pay slips to check if it has been applied correctly.

On the other hand, hourly employees have a tendency to dissect every line item on their pay slip each pay period to make sure they understand each entry.  HR and payroll departments can be bombarded with queries on these pay statements, obliging them to spend almost a quarter of their time explaining pay concepts and calculations.



 myPay lets users compare up to three different pay statements.


Users can see the reasons for fluctuations in their pay and compare the impact of those components on three different pay slips.
Other features of myView portal include:

  • The ability to add contextual “hover” text to explain the data components of employees’ pay slips.
  • Tools that help configure “smart notifications” that enable employees to choose which pay-related alerts they want to receive, such as when a tax limit is reached or a bonus is paid.
  • Enabling expatriate employees to select the country currency – home or host – in which they want to view their pay.

A video that further demonstrates these capabilities can be seen on the ADP website (3).

I invite you to take a look!  They might help you assess how best to give your employees power over their pay slips.



By Todd Horvath, President of ADP’s Multinational Clients business

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