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MIT report reveals how Asia is speeding up global adoption of AI

Posted by: on 16 March 2017 in Innovation & Technology

According to a new MIT Technology Review, Asia’s business landscape is poised not only to benefit greatly from the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics technologies, but also to define it. The report, Asia’s AI Agenda, suggests that the region’s quest for technology innovation and sustained economic growth drives tremendous investment in the space.

Indeed AI and robotics is moving from the assembly line and emerging as an important tool for businesses of all types and sizes. AI is already used to place financial market trades, answer customer queries online, interpret images and handle large volumes of highly detailed work. With the explosive use of big data, the driver to competitive advantage is who can learn fastest from the gathered information, to monetise its value. AI is proving to be a powerful ally in that race.

At ADP we’re interested in how this trend will shape roles and responsibilities in workplaces. With the talk about robotics and AI, there is a natural concern for the jobs workers hold today. The optimistic view point though is that robotics will reduce repetitive low value work. This then empowers your workforce to focus on higher order customer needs and improving business results.

Clearly there are some key issues for business to consider as the use of robotics expands. How will HR teams manage the performance of “warm and cold bodies”? When should businesses begin to invest? How quickly will this trend impact our daily work?

ADP is proud to contribute to the wider understanding of this area, as the sponsor of this MIT research and via our own ADP Research Institute’s report, The Evolution of Work. Get your copy of the MIT report to learn more – or read the short infographic and explore all the other resources we have for you on this significant topic for business leaders across Asia.

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