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Posted by: ADP on 17 December 2015 in Human Capital Management

The chief scientist at Gallup has come up with the following recipe for employee engagement. And it’s blissfully simple: employees need to “clearly know their role, have what they need to fulfil their role, and can see the connection between their role and the overall organizational purpose”1.

But like all good recipes, you need the tools to bring it all together – you can’t make a cake with just flour, butter and eggs, if you don’t have a mixing bowl and an oven. In the same way, you can’t drive engagement throughout the entire workforce without up-to-date HCM technology and deep HR expertise.

According to ADP research2 there’s three key motivators that drive people’s engagement with their job:

  • Good work-life balance (29%)
  • Adopt a flexible working pattern (33%)
  • A diverse and fast-moving job role (24%)

So what’s the mixing bowl and oven we need to bake these into a happy employee cake? At ADP we call them the ‘five pillars of HCM’: Benefits, HR Administration, Talent Management, Time and Leave Management, and Payroll. A comprehensive HCM suite, built on these five pillars, is what you need to understand and influence employee engagement, and build and maintain a healthy employer brand.

Powerful and easy-to-use technology increases employee engagement

Essentially, this is all about becoming a more human resource. Managing people is about understanding them individually and collectively, and helping them. And this begins with flexible, robust, easy-to-use technology that provides integrated control and visibility across all core HR functions and payroll. Once this is in place, you can maintain a full pipeline of highly skilled and motivated candidates, pinpoint top talent internally and direct Learning & Development programs, so your teams are engaged and motivated by career opportunities. If you get that right, your company benefits from a more skilled and knowledgeable workforce year after year.

There are easy to use, easy to integrate technology and outsourced solutions nowadays that can do all this for you. The HR teams that we see take them up change from being seen as a costly admin function to becoming a key driver of employee engagement. Because having good technology with good user experiences increases employee engagement; multiple in-house solutions can be replaced by a single-vendor solution, enabling self-service for employees and easy to access analytics for managers, while easing the burden on IT and HR staff. 

HCM solution helps smarter business decisions

Streamlining your HCM with an all-in-one solution delivered by a reliable partner allows you to make smarter business decisions with deeper insights about your own workforce. You can even benchmark your performance through exclusive access to the largest database of HCM performance metrics and best practices.

Providing a single outsourced solution makes businesses more competitive. And, you know what the best thing about it is? Employees love it because they feel more in control – updating their data on their mobile, from their tablet, on the move. Whether they want to quickly view a pay statement, punch in, request vacation time, or send a late notice, view their benefits plan information, retirement accounts… It’s all at their fingertips now.  They feel trusted by their employer, while the employer gets all this valuable, real-time information for very little effort and expenditure. You don’t need to spend vast amounts of time on admin if the employees happily do it all for you. Now that’s a win-win if ever I saw one.   

For more HR insights on employee engagement read the latest ADP white paper “Engagement: the key driver of organizational performance” (Please insert link)

1 Baldoni, J(2013), ‘Employee Engagement Does More than Boost Productivity’, Harvard Business Review, 04 July

2 ADP, ‘The Workforce View in Europe 2015⁄16’, Oct 2015

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