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How do you say #hellowork?

Posted by: ADP on 3 March 2016 in Human Capital Management

Work isn’t just work. It’s where friendships are made. Challenges are met. Achievements are recognised. Stories are cemented in time. A lot of amazing things can happen in those eight …12 …14 hours.

Our HR solutions are based on real humans helping other humans solve problems with technology and an approach that never loses the personal touch. Increasingly, our technology is delivering an experience our clients love to use. What you know and think about ADP is evolving. Which is why we recently adopted the new tagline — ADP: A more human resource. Today we are bringing this tagline to life with a celebration of work and the people who make businesses run.

Say #hellowork

Let’s celebrate all the human elements that make up the workplace, the people and relationships that make businesses grow. Let’s demonstrate that work is more than just a job, it’s also an integral part of the human experience.

The hashtag #hellowork is a means to start a conversation with the people at the core of every business. But it’s also an invitation to get to know ADP again. You may have known us for payroll, but our HR solutions are uniquely building better, more efficient, and happier workplaces.

We invite you to share your personal work experiences with #hellowork, recognising that it’s people who are a business’ most valued asset.

What does #hellowork mean to you? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and join the celebration of work.

We’re looking forward to learning about the personal experiences you and your employees bring to the job day in and day out. Each week, we’ll share these #hellowork posts via social media and here on the ADP@Work blog. #hellowork!


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