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ADP launches its IIT module to help companies comply with China Individual Income Tax reform

Posted by: The ADP Team on 4 April 2019 in Compliance, Human Capital Management, Innovation & Technology

Since China launches the individual income tax (IIT) reform in 2018, most of the key provisions have now been implemented, which include higher standard deduction threshold of monthly RMB 5,000, additional itemized deductions and cumulative withholding method.

While employees expect the new regime to deliver tax relief for their monthly pay slips, companies, however, are facing new challenges including quickly adjusting their payroll systems to comply with the new policy.

As a leading global technology company providing human capital management (HCM) solutions, ADP closely follow the individual income tax reform and adjust our system rules timely, making sure payroll calculations adapt to the new policies. In addition, ADP has launched a dedicated solution named IIT Module to help companies cope with the tax reform.

Based on the business needs collected from clients, IIT Module includes a few distinctive features:

  • Excellent end-user experience that helps enhance communication efficiency and employee satisfaction
    • Employees can access IIT module anytime anywhere via mobile or desktop to submit information
    • The IIT module is embedded in employee self-service portal with the same login
    • Employees can view itemized deductions and yearly tax details in their monthly pay slips

ADP IIT Module

  • Reduce administrative tasks and help HR focus on core business
    • Seamless integration with ADP payroll system, the approved data of itemized deductions will be automatically sent to monthly payroll calculation
    • ADP provides service hotline to answer questions from client employees regarding IIT policies and system support
    • For companies that employees use state IIT app to submit additional itemized deduction information, ADP offer value-added services to download data from National Tax Management System Withholding End-user Client and convert it into the format that can be imported to ADP payroll system

There’re numerous tax and social security changes taking place every year in the world, it is hard for multinational companies to navigate through the ever-changing compliance landscape. With ADP’s cloud-based human capital management solutions, companies can always use the system that comforts to the latest laws and regulations. In addition, ADP’s in-country experts keep close eyes on the policy changes, analyzing their impact on human capital management and helping companies to ensure compliance.

Learn more about ADP IIT module and our comprehensive HCM solutions that are designed to help people better excel at work.

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Jason Liu says

Very good tool and service to help you collect, record, calculate and store such date. It is also consolidated in your payslip to have the better employee satisfaction.

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